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Saturday, 3 March 2012

turtle bobble square chart

Turtle Bobble Square Chart
To follow the chart start in the bottom right corner. Grey squares are bobbles.

Sc Crochet block done with a 4.5mm hook and dk yarn measurements are:

Width: 7.5 inches
Length: 8 Inches

29 sc across and 32 rows high.

Note: These measurements were taken from the flower bobble square so are just an estimate. This chart has not been tested. Please add finished pictures to Ravelry or send me a photo at

Special stitches – 5 DC Bobble (B)

Instructions for the Bobble Stitch:

Bobbles are worked on wrong side rows.

Row 1 (RS): Ch 30, sc in 2nd ch from the hook, sc across remaining stitches (29 sc). Ch 1, turn.

Follow chart for remaining rows. 2-32

Sorry about the turle being so close to the edge, turtles seem to be longer than they are tall :)

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