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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Small Dog Crochet Jumper

Brrrr it is starting to get cold here in the mornings. Nika looked like she needed a jumper to wear so I decided to make her one. She is a mini dog, about the size of a chiwawa.

This coat measures:

Length -10 inches
Around top/neck - 11 inches
Around bottom - 12 inches.

I would say for an intermediate crocheter that this pattern will be super easy to adjust. Simply measure the neck and add an inch for comfort, measure around the dog (where you want the coat to end/waist) and measure the length you want the coat to be.

We are starting at the bottom of the jumper and working up to the neck.


5.50 mm crochet hook
DK yarn
Tape measure
Yarn Needle


Note: I have included the stitches I used for my jumper. If you are increasing the size you will go from your measurements. So make a ch that is the measurement of around the waist of the dog. Make sure it is an even number.

Ch 40, join to first ch with a sl st to create a large circle.

Round 1: Ch 2, hdc in each ch around (40 hdc)
Round 2-4: Ch 2, *FPDC in next stitch, BPDC in next* repeat around ending with a FPDC. (40 dc)
Round 5-13: Ch 2, hdc into each stitch around (40 hdc)

This is the place where you increase your length before you add the leg holes so continue with these rounds for your size.

You may find that with different shaped dogs you will have to do a few increase rows for the chest area. My staffy has a large chest which is smaller than his waist.

Now we will be adding the holes for the legs, since my piece is 40 stitches around I divided it in half. 20 stitches for the top and 20 for the bottom. So forget about the top for a second and work out where you want to put your leg holes. I decided to use 8 stitches for the chest and 6 for each leg hole. You will notice I chain 8, so I increase by 2 stitches each leg hole.

So if you were increasing the size and had 80 stitches around, you would have 40 for the top and 40 for the bottom. Forget about the top, so the bottom is just 40. I would use 20 for the chest and 10 for each of the legs. I would chain 12 to increase the leg holes.

Round 14:  Ch 2, hdc in next 7 st, ch 8, skip 6 st, hdc in the next st and in the next 19 st. Ch 8, skip 6 and join to the first hdc with a sl st.
Round 15: Ch 2, hdc in next 7 st, 8 hdc in first ch 8 sp, hdc in next 20, 8 hdc in next ch 8 sp. Join to first hdc with a sl st (44 hdc)
Round 16-17: Ch 2, hdc in each stitch around. (44 hdc)

This is  the round you want to decrease for the neck, I only had to do one decrease round but you may need to do more.

Round 18: Ch 2, hdc in next 2 st, *hdc2tog, hdc in next 3 st* repeat around ending with 2 hdc in the last st. (36 hdc)

Continue decreasing until it is 1 inch bigger than your dogs neck.

Round 19-24: Ch 2, *FPDC in next stitch, BPDC in next* repeat around ending with a FPDC. (36 dc)

Finish off and weave in all the ends.


  1. Very nice and easy, thank you for sharing! :D

  2. This is soooo cute thanks for sharing....perfect fit for my brussels griffon!

  3. I just loved it!!! Thanks for this beautiful pattern!

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  5. Very cute pattern. I had problems doing the pattern , but from me not really knowing what I was doing. The pattern is easy enough to do.

  6. Love the pattern! Easy to follow and turned out cute. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Would this be appropriate for a very special elderly Ms. Kitty?

  8. Just made this ,its so easy thanks .

  9. Thanks, cute and easy

  10. Does chain 2 count as a stitch?

  11. It doesn't say to slip stitch at the end of the row and chain 2. Do you do it a different way?

    1. I did add the sl st and it turned out lovely

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