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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Granny Square CAL (Week 7)

I used a 5.0mm crochet hook throughout with DK yarn. If you wish to catch up on previous weeks you can find all of them linked to in Week 1.

I noticed a few people worried about the squares being slightly different in size. This is where blocking can come in handy or you can add a row of sc to the smaller ones. Also your joining method can help here. I am using the chain join. You can find a few different joining methods here.

The patterns for 20 and 21 were coming out too big for me so if you know that you are a loose crocheter I would suggest going down a hook size so you can make the entire square 8 inches without having to adjust the rows like me. 

19th Granny Square

20th Granny Square

Instead of doing dc for the last row I used sc to get an 8 inch square

21st Granny Square

To make mine 8 inches on row 9 I changed the stitches as follows:

Ch 3, dc in next 4 st, *hdc in next 4, dc in next 2 st, hdc in next 8, dc in next 2 st, hdc in next 4, dc in next 6,* repeat around. Hdc in next 4, dc in next 2.

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