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Monday, 30 September 2013


Now for the exciting part, the finished project for the MCAL. Did anyone guess it?

To complete your bunting/garland you will need to stiffen each piece. I used the glue and water mixture and soaked each piece then left to dry. I also glued felt to the back of the Witches Hat and the Black Cat.

Once each part is stiffened you will want to attach the spider to the web and complete part 5. I added pipe cleaners to the back to stop the letters from folding over.

To make the cord I used 2 strands of black and made a chain the length of where I wanted to put my bunting/garland. Using the colour of the appliqué stitch them on evenly.

I have so many other ideas for the individual pieces. Hang them on your door, make a circle wreath out of them. Glue them to a pumpkin. Frame them. I am sure there are plenty more uses for them. 

I really hope everyone enjoyed this MCAL. I am looking forward to doing another one for Christmas. Don't forget to share on the Facebook page. You can also add them as a project on Ravelry

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  1. I love this Halloween pattern! Thank you! :). :)

    Lee Ann