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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Crochet Mini Wine Bottle

I was browsing for something to make a friend of mine. She likes wine so I googled 'crochet wine' to see if I could find some inspiration. I happened to come across this cute little wine bottle here: and thought I just had to make one for her. At only 2 inches tall it would make a really cute Christmas decoration for a wine lover.

With it being my first 'miniature' crochet project I was a bit worried about how it would turn out. It was my first time crocheting embroidery thread and a small hook. I actually used my Sharp Crochet Hook because it was the smallest hook I had available. It is a really basic pattern but I thought I would write it out incase anyone wanted to work it up for a Christmas gift. I think it goes really well with my Cranky Angel.

So you will need:

Embroidery thread. I used two colours for the wine bottle and then a small amount of purple to embroider 'Wine' onto the label.
A small crochet hook. I am pretty sure the Sharp Crochet Hook is around 1.5mm but I am not certain.
A small amount of stuffing
A yarn needle for weaving in the ends. I suggest you do this as you work up as it becomes difficult to get to the ends once you start.
A small amount of white felt to use as the label.
Some form of glue to glue the label onto the bottle.

If you want to make a bigger bottle just increase the size of the yarn and hook.

You will be working in continuous round so make sure to mark each round with a stitch marker or a small amount of contrasting thread so you do not lose your place.

Lets get started on the pattern:

With green and starting with a magic circle,

Round 1: Ch 1, 8 sc into the circle (8 sc)
Round 2: 2 sc into each stitch. (16 sc)
Round 3-10: Sc into each stitch around (16 sc)

Start stuffing here and make sure you have weaved in the end from the start. Continue stuffing as you go.

Round 11: *Sc2tog, sc in next 2 stitches* repeat around.  (12 sc)
Round 12: *Sc2tog, sc into the next stitch* repeat around (8 sc)
Round 13-15: Sc into each stitch around. Join gold as you pull through the last stitch on this round (8 sc)
Round 16-17: Sc into each stitch around.
Round 18: *Sc2tog, sc into the next stitch* Repeat around ending with sc2tog (5 sc)
Round 19: Sc2tog twice, sc into the last stitch. (3 sc)

Finish off leaving a small amount of thread to close the hole.

Cut a small amount of white felt to size and embroider 'Wine' or a word of your choice onto it. Glue to bottle. If you wanted to use this as a decoration attach a small amount of thread to hang it with.

Disclaimer: I do not claim credit for this design but the pattern is completely mine. You can find the original designer here and are also able to purchase your own mini crochet wine bottle from her.

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