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Friday, 1 August 2014

Smaug the African Flower Dragon Pattern Review + Dragon Patterns

This post contains affiliate links.

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I have been working on Smaug between other projects for a month now and I have been excited to show you the finished project. 

The pattern is well written and full of detail. There is a photo for every step so you really can't go wrong. My Smaug was made with a 3.00 mm crochet hook and 8 ply/dk yarn, Moda Vera Marvel. He is the same size as my 4 year old. To be exact he measures 124 cm from nose to tail. The original pattern which is written for a 4 ply yarn measures 65 cm from nose to tail.

He was going to have a place on my bed but I think he is just a smidgen to big for this now so we are planning on hanging him from the roof to look like he is flying.

A couple of notes I think might help if you are going to attempt this pattern:

  • If making all motifs in the same colours I would suggest marking one foot so you do not get confused to which motif you are joining at the time. I marked the front right foot which allowed me to keep track of where I was. 
  • I made all the body motifs up to round 4 first so when it came to joining it was simple just to pick up a motif and join it as I went. Heidi has great instructions for this. I had never used the join as you go method for anything before and I picked it up fast. 
  • When making the wings because I decided to use a solid colour I did each motif while joining so I didn't have extra ends to weave in.
  • Because my Smaug is bigger than recommended I had to find some way to hold my wings out. Since Smaug is for me I decided to put wire right through the body and into each wing to hold them out. I wrapped each end of the wire in tape so it won't poke through the stitches or accidentally stab my children if they decide to play with it. I would not choose this method if my kids were going to be playing with it. 

Just for something a little extra I have compiled a roundup of dragon crochet patterns. Some great ones to choose from if you are not ready to attempt your own Smaug. There are four free patterns at the end. I will be adding to the patterns as I find them so may end up with more than 17 patterns to choose from.


How cute is this hat and mittens set from Mama's Creations. Pattern should fit 2-4 year olds.

Dragon Shawl from Spider Mambo Designs

I wish I had of found this pattern when my kids still had bottles. This baby bottle cover is really unique. Pattern is from Unique P Crochet

Another pattern which is great for little ones. How adorable. I love the dragon scale border. Pattern is from Bowtykes

Another great dragon themed design. If you think the front is impressive wait until you see the back!

Laila Siade has some great designs but this dragon just takes the cake. I love the detail she has put into it. She also has another dragon softie pattern which you will find in her Ravelry store along with this one.

You can also find all here patterns on her website

Dragon Draco Amigurumi's are said to bring good luck. I am sure we all need some of that.

Pattern is by Little Owl's Hut Crochet Patterns

This is not your usual dragon pattern at all. Stacey Trock from Fresh Stitches has created a pattern which allows you to decide how you want your dragon to look.

What kid wouldn't love this dragon hat and softie? You can also buy the patterns separately. Find her on Facebook - BriAbby Hand Made Accessories

Now here is something that will keep your kids entertained for hours. A Dragon Puppet. Pattern by A La Sascha

Of course we had to have one famous dragon in this roundup. Toothless!

Find her on Facebook under Gramma Bean's Homemade Gifts

These dragon mitts are sure to keep your hands warm.

Pattern by NeedleNoodles

Okay now this is just adorable and definitely has character.

This pattern is from LilikSha Toys and you can also find her through the following links:

Blog -
Website -

Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations is the go to for props and she has done an awesome job with this set.


Night Fury Hat and Pillow Pattern from Trifles and Treasures. What a great combination. I am sure kids would love this.

I got a little excited when I found out this pattern was free. So adorable and lots of pictures to help you along the way. Check her out on Facebook - All About Ami

Another great free pattern. Check out all the finished projects on Ravelry for more colour inspiration. Find her on Facebook under LucyRavenscar Crochet Creatures

I could do with one of these myself. A dragon scarf.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup and have found something you would like to make :)


  1. I was just looking at Smaug 12 hours ago! What a fantastic job and I love the colours you chose. The only question I have is how many motifs did you have to make?

  2. where is the link for the pattern for the pink one at the top left of the page?