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Monday, 12 September 2016

Woodland Themed Crochet Applique Set

After a little break I am back into it again. This time I am creating a Woodlands themed blanket. Once again there will be 12 different squares and it will fit a single bed.

The base blanket design is a little different this time but all the appliques will be interchangeable size wise within blankets. So you can mix and match them to suit you.

Like always I will be releasing a new applique each week and for that week the pattern will be available at a reduced price. This means you can get the set of 12 for $12. Bonus if you crochet along with me then the blanket will be completed by Christmas and perfect to give as a gift.

For the base squares I am using 12 x 12 inch C2C squares, eventually I hope to get a full video tutorial on the base blanket but in the meantime YouTube has a few different video's you can use to get started on the base.

Base pattern can be found here:

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  1. I just purchased this and I was charged2.00. I thought it was 1.00?

    1. Charlene, for the next one, use the link from the facebook page and it will be $1.

  2. I think they're only $1 for the first week. After that they are the normal price of $2

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