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Friday, 23 June 2017

Crochet Applique Base Blankets

Lowest prices on the best yarn - guaranteed at knitpicks.comSomething great about my crochet applique designs is they can be mixed and matched between bases or used individually. Often I will browse through the Ravelry projects for each blanket to see everyone's creations. It's amazing the different combinations that are used.

I have also noticed an increase in the single appliques that are purchased. I would love to see what everyone is using them for. Share a photo over on my Facebook Page or in the Group.

All the base patterns are free, I have included each base as a download with the corresponding eBook but here is a list of all the different base patterns and a link to each.


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  2. Hi my name is Jeannie and I purchased the zoo blanket and I'm a little confused as to how to sew the appliques to the squares, like do I use the yarn that's hanging out of the animals or do I use new yarn and if new what color yarn do I use, the color of the square or the animals? And does it show on the back of the blanket ? Is it possible you send a pic so I can see what the back of the blanket looks lk. Sry but I'm a beginner and I've been working on this blanket for over a year now I just want to get it done but I'm stuck plz hlp.

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