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Farm Blanket

Each applique is available separately on Ravelry

I have also added the complete set to Ravelry for $20 USD so you will be saving $4

All appliques are now available.

For those looking for the blanket pattern here you go:


  • DK yarn in green, yellow and black. ( I used 100% acrylic)
  • 5.50 mm Hook
  • Yarn needle

  • Each block without border should measure 10.5 x 12 inches
  • Each block with border should measure 11.5 x 13 inches.
  • My completed blanket with border measures 39 x 59 inches (I found my blocks stretched slightly when sewn together) which is a few inches bigger than cot size as I like to have lots of blanket to tuck in. It is also big enough for a toddlers/childs lap blanket. My son loves to have blankets when watching TV even in the middle of summer.


7 hdc and 5 rows = 2 inches



Make 6 green and 6 yellow.

Row 1: Ch 36, hdc in 3rd ch from the hook and across. (35 hdc)
Row 2-30: Ch 2, turn. Hdc across. (35 hdc)

Finish off, weave in ends as you go.

Border for single blocks

Join black in top right corner of block, ch 2, hdc around block placing 36 hdc along the top and bottom of each block and 40 down both sides. You should have a total of 152 hdc's. 

Joining each block together.

There are a variety of different ways to do this but I chose to sl st mine together. Here is a video that will help you with this. I used the loop closest to me and the loop furthest away from me and left the two middle loops. You will notice this makes a nice line down the middle of each join on the right side. 

Border for entire blanket.

Once you have sewn your blocks together you will need to add a border. These are the stitches I had on the rounds but you may have more or less. As long as the stitches are placed evenly and you have the same amount on each side your blanket should come out even. Place 3 hdc in each corner to turn.

Round 1: With Black, Ch 2, hdc around. Top/bottom- 111. Sides - 168. Finish off.
Round 2: With Yellow, Ch 2, hdc around. Top/bottom - 113. Sides - 169. Finish off.
Round 3: With Green, Ch 2, hdc around. Top/bottom - 115. Sides - 170. Finish off.
Round 4: With Black, Ch 2, hdc around. Top/bottom - 117. Sides - 171. Finish off.

Hopefully this gets some people on track with making the blanket while waiting for the rest of the appliques.


  1. i want to wun this hole patteren so stinkin cute we farm so would fit right in .

  2. This is so cute! My boys would love this! When I have it saved up I think I'll purchase your appliques! You did an awesome job!!

  3. Can i get this pat pls - e mail - thank you

    1. The pattern is available for purchase here

  4. What is the quantity of green and yellow yarn for the blanket, please?

    1. Hi there, you will need about 400 grams 400grams - 756m

  5. I love this blanket. There are a couple different farm blankets I'd like to do for my grandson. My daughter & her hubby live on a farm so he will be a farm kid all his life. He's almost a year old now.

  6. Hi do you have this pattern and the little blossoms base pattern on pdf or cld you email them to me at I'm in hospital at the moment 9 weeks and there's no wifi. I tried purchasing these 4 patterns and appliques and it took my money but then it wldnt let me download them? Why?

    1. Hi Gemma, I have just sent you an email with the PDFs. Hopefully we can also figure out why you have had trouble downloading the appliques.

  7. Hi-could you possibly give the brand of the yarn you used for both the blankets and the appliques? Also, werer the apliques done in dk yarn? I can't seem to find enough yarn colors in dk weight yarns. Thank you-

  8. Will this pattern go on sale again soon?

  9. Will this pattern go on sale again soon?

  10. I would like patterns for each of the appliques on the farm blanket with barn, silo, tractor, animals. Would really appreciate..

  11. Hi Teri, I just have to say this is the most adorable farm blanket I've come across yet! Great Job!